Greentube reach on Spain

After the massively successful launch of Neccton’s Responsible Gaming Solutions in the United Kingdoms, Greentube is all set to stretch out to Spain. Book of Ra from NOVOMATIC has been in the league for a considerable time and is constantly updated to provide the best real-life gaming experience.

With their effective initiative of “mentor”, they are now able to track down players that may be involved in toxic behavior and potential gambling that has become customary especially in casino games.

Often people use specialized hacking tools to get more than they can afford It creates unjust reasoning for other people whereas the ultimate goal is to provide a safe and entertaining environment. Many people Mentor, an RG (Responsible Gaming) solution which is introduced by Neccton, makes sure that only safe play is implemented throughout the users.

It is built to analyze the spendings of the player, the failed and successful deposits to Book of Ra Spain, certain withdrawals, and alerts of the player.

This allows it to configure such users that are violating the guidelines of the game. Apart from the digital analysis of the user, it goes to the effective extent of interaction through messages that alert the user in detail about the regulations and safe playing guidelines. This allows a better reflection on the issue.

With a mentor on the save, Greentube has implemented the tool on StarVegas and other games in Spain.

As this has allowed the game to reach a higher level of security and authorization, Greentube will soon apply the “Mentor” solution to other sites in Spain. It will not only increase the security level of the game, but it will also help rank the game globally on a massive scale considering its high-end security.