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About Book of Ra 10

The end of November brought great news for all fans of Novoline slot machines with the launch of the Book of Ra 10 version. With its global popularity, the most popular Cowboy has become a legend today and is delighting many players every day.

Besides its high esteem among players, the Book of Ra game has been recognized for its success by many casino game makers, leading to the production of imitative Egyptian-themed games but, luckily, or perhaps unfortunately, no one has come even close to the Greentube gem.

Considering these facts, Greentub developers decided to make the right move. They made the Book of Ra 10 version, which is decorated by 100 winning lines (arranged in 2 sets of reels), an additional Joker symbol, and a golden Bastet symbol that greatly increases the chance of winning new gains.

What makes Book of Ra 10 a more interesting and overal better game?

In addition to the already-known graphics and visual identity that was inherited from the Deluxe version, this game has many additional benefits. The gameplay consists of two sets of reels – the first on the left which comes in 5*4 format with 25 winning lines and the right reel, which comes in 5*12 format and has 75 winning lines.

That makes a total of a phenomenal 100 winning lines. Another novelty is the introduction of a new joker symbol: the golden Bastet coin sign. It is very interesting because it can appear and expand to all four positions in one roll in the first drum. In this situation it automatically appears and transfers to the same position-fields in another drum, greatly increasing the chance of winning.

What that really looks like: in case you fill the entire first reel with wild-joker symbols, they will automatically fill up the second drum and reward you with large sums. Basically, the game takes place in two separate reels that are independent of each other. So, in the first reel you can combine three of the same “Pharaoh” characters and, in the second reel, you will get the combination of 4 “A” symbols and get two different gains that add up.

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Of course, this is a very interesting option as well as the realization that this type of game is valid for all characters. The exception are bonus symbols and wild joker symbols. In this case, the symbols from both reels are complemented. For example, you can win one book in the first screen and the remaining books in the second screen, and your Book of Ra 10 bonus will be activated (this will be discussed more below).

The peculiarity of this game is the fact that very often the winnings are won, but they are of a lesser value since; due to a large number of lines, the symbols have less value. For example, take this comparison:

This may seem very troubling to you, but don’t worry, this game makes up for it so that the gains are much more frequent and large number of lines add up and multiply very quickly. Due to the above, the gains are not completely beyond the average.

In order to know for yourself how it works, it is best to play it completely free of charge on our site, and then play Book of Ra 10 for real money.

Book of Ra 10 bonus:

With this version, the bonus is slightly changed and is a little more interesting. As before, free games are activated after winning 3, 4, or 5 books. In all previous Book of Ra versions, books could have appeared on any of the 5 reels. In this version, books can only appear on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel in both rollers. Depending on the number of books won, you will receive a bonus in the following form:

The bonus can be reactivated and extended indefinitely by winning 3 or more books, and your bonus symbol will be randomly assigned to you when you enter the bonus.

During the bonus, your symbols from the first reel will be transferred to the second reel, giving you greater rewards. In reality, it looks like this: if you get your assigned symbol on the first 3 rolls during the bonus on the drum on the left, it will transfer and fill the same positions in the right reel which is very interesting. While reading this it may seem a little complicated but, trust us, it is not. In the photos below, we provide an explanation of how playing this game looks. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to play the Book of Ra Deluxe 10 version for free on our site, so that things will be clearer.

Advantages and disadvantages, final summary:

Pros: 100 winning lines, 2 sets of reels, interesting bonus, new wild symbol
Cons: significantly less symbol values.

In short, Book of Ra 10 is not recommended for players who are fond of larger roles and instant “one hand” winnings, as the symbol values in this game are diminished. At the same time, we are convinced that there will be many more players who will add this game to their favorites and it will eventually become their favorite version so far. Enjoy.

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